Monday, August 31, 2009

The summer is coming to an end. I am returning back to work tomorrow. It's always sad when summer is over... not to say that I am not super excited to get back to teaching. This year we get to be the "new kids"... our program has been absorbed into an Elementary school. I am looking forward to meeting everyone over there! I can't wait to see how much our students have grown and learned over the summer.

B and I have been busy over the summer! We kicked off the summer by going to the fireworks with good friends. We got to sit on top of one of the builds! Its nice to have such great friends!

Next on the list of summer fun, hiking. Cooper & Lucy came along too. I packed a lunch (I found "Frosty Paws" at the store and had to indulge the pup with a sweet treat.) Here are some pictures from that!

B and I also had a mini-vaca and a very special occasion to attend in Virginia. B's cousin was getting married! I drove the whole way down in one shot... 10 hours 500+ miles! B was a wonderful co pilot and asked to drive many times but I was a woman on a mission. Plus B had worked a full day and I only went in for a couple hours. We stayed at the Lansdowne Resort for three days. Amazing. It was also where the ceremony and reception were held. It is so nice to get together with B's extended family from all over the states. I wish we could do it more! I got to do a couple of B's family members hair for the wedding. It was a lot of fun to bond with the girls! Anytime you need a hair-do you know who to turn to! ;) Everyone looked spectacular! Especially the bride and groom.
Here are some pictures of the special day!

Congrats bride and groom! It was a beautiful wedding!

B's parents, cousin Lindsay and B & I all ventured out into the VA wine country to do a little wine tasting. We had a great time trying all different kinds of wine. We even had a glass with Barack.

We also got to check out a really cute southern town of Leesburg, VA. Awesome antiques, up scale but affordable food and a sense of that southern charm.

I also had my first craft show! It will give me another excuse to blog. That's it for today!