Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hi Everyone!

I just sent out an email letting everyone know I have a blog. So if you are stopping by for the first time, "Hi and welcome to my blog!" Hopefully you'll visit every once in a while! Leave comments!!! If you want to read an older post or browse some pictures just hit Older Post >>> at the bottom of the post.


A letter to Dad

Tonight is my Dad's 60th birthday dinner! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Since I really can not afford much of a birthday present I wrote my Dad a letter. Here is a copy:

Dear Dad,

I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. I will always remember our rides to Church in the little yellow car. You would pretend that we were in a race against other cars. David and I would laugh so hard when you did the sound effects and other guys voices. You always made even the most mundane thing so much fun. I'd like to think that I got that characteristic from you. Thank you for always stopping whatever work you were doing to send me "Straight to the moon" on our tire swing in the back yard. I'd like to thank you for reading to me every night before bed. I think I made you read the same two stories every night, but you never complained or tell me to pick anything differently. Thank you for answering all my tooth fairy letters. Thanks for teaching me about baseball, football, hockey and basketball. Thank for showing me how to hit a baseball & ride a bike so I could keep up with the neighborhood boys. Thanks for coming to my games when you could. Thanks for letting me fall when I wanted to do it all by myself and then making me feel better when I scraped my knees. I have so many fond memories of being small and you being my Daddy.
I want to apologize for being a teenager. I guess I really missed you when you had to work nights to keep the paychecks coming in. I didn't realize the sacrifices you had to make to keep us all happy and healthy. I do realize that and now. I can tell you how much I appreciate your work ethic. I know how important we were to you to sacrifice the time with us in hope to support the family.
Thank you for helping me move away to college and reminding me to, "Be a good you." I finally figured out what that meant when I was on my own. Thanks for always asking me if I approved of your outfit so you wouldn't embarrass me and always changing. Thank you for driving down to Regis to attend the daddy daughter dance. You cleaned up well. It meant a lot to me to spend a night with my Dad. A lot of people don't have dads that would give up a Saturday night and put on a tux to attend a dance. Thanks for confirming that certain guys jerks. You told me and that the right one was out there, "I just shouldn't worry about it, I had all the time in the world." Thanks for helping me becoming more of an adult. You were always there during my most difficult times and continually being supportive. You never told me what to do, you just help me guide my decisions to do what I ultimately wanted to do.
Thank you for still letting me hold your pinky & ring finger, like I did when I was little. Thanks for everything. I'll always be your daughter.

The gifts that you have given me I can never repay you for but I hope I can make you proud of the person I have become. I am the way I am because of you and I thank you for that. Love you Dad! Happy Birthday! Code 3.
Love your daughter,

I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

Monday, August 31, 2009

The summer is coming to an end. I am returning back to work tomorrow. It's always sad when summer is over... not to say that I am not super excited to get back to teaching. This year we get to be the "new kids"... our program has been absorbed into an Elementary school. I am looking forward to meeting everyone over there! I can't wait to see how much our students have grown and learned over the summer.

B and I have been busy over the summer! We kicked off the summer by going to the fireworks with good friends. We got to sit on top of one of the builds! Its nice to have such great friends!

Next on the list of summer fun, hiking. Cooper & Lucy came along too. I packed a lunch (I found "Frosty Paws" at the store and had to indulge the pup with a sweet treat.) Here are some pictures from that!

B and I also had a mini-vaca and a very special occasion to attend in Virginia. B's cousin was getting married! I drove the whole way down in one shot... 10 hours 500+ miles! B was a wonderful co pilot and asked to drive many times but I was a woman on a mission. Plus B had worked a full day and I only went in for a couple hours. We stayed at the Lansdowne Resort for three days. Amazing. It was also where the ceremony and reception were held. It is so nice to get together with B's extended family from all over the states. I wish we could do it more! I got to do a couple of B's family members hair for the wedding. It was a lot of fun to bond with the girls! Anytime you need a hair-do you know who to turn to! ;) Everyone looked spectacular! Especially the bride and groom.
Here are some pictures of the special day!

Congrats bride and groom! It was a beautiful wedding!

B's parents, cousin Lindsay and B & I all ventured out into the VA wine country to do a little wine tasting. We had a great time trying all different kinds of wine. We even had a glass with Barack.

We also got to check out a really cute southern town of Leesburg, VA. Awesome antiques, up scale but affordable food and a sense of that southern charm.

I also had my first craft show! It will give me another excuse to blog. That's it for today!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey Everyone!

B & I have a decent size condo... for the two of us and the two pups. However, combined, we have enough "stuff" to outfit a small army. By we I mean mostly me. Most of you know I have a love for crafty things. I collect pretty fabrics, scrap booking supplies and other nifty creative trinkets I find along the way. The only problem is... I am running out of places to put my findings. My closet has been taken over by fabric. The backroom dresser holds scrap booking stuff, camera, sewing machine, supplies, patterns and candles. I think the only solution to this problem is to get a room entirely dedicated to crafty things. This way I would not have to drag out my sewing table, sewing machine and any other supplies I need to sew. I would be way more productive if I could skip the set up steps and just get right to the sewing. One day I will have my sewing room. I will just keep dreaming. Above is a picture of something I plan on doing in this hypothetical sewing room. This idea comes from apartment therapy IMO it is super cute so I thought I would share it with you. What a great way to put fabric scraps to work on your walls!

I finally have enough time and energy to do a little sewing today! (Dragging out all that stuff is not as easy as it seems...)

So I am off to Joanne's Fabric to pick up some thread and check out some fabric. (B wanted to buy another dog bed...I told him I could whip up another bed for the pups.) I am also planning on working on the blankets I am making for the craft fairs. I will post pictures of the final product.

Before I forget... check out She is giving away a super cute bag. I think it would make a wicked nice beach bag. Check them out & Good Luck ;)

Have a wondrous day!


Friday, June 19, 2009

I have been thinking of things I am grateful for lately.

So here is my A to Z list-

Art and the ability to create


Cooper my dog.

David my brother. He helped someone at work, got free stuff... and gave it to me! Yay! What a fantastic brother! Of course Dad too! He is always very supportive.

Earth, we should all be grateful.

Friends & Family I can always count on. Fall Fairs & come to mind as well!


Happiness I have an abundance

Indian Food and lately Ice cream

Joking around

Kiddos they keep life interesting

Laughter... I a glad I can laugh through everything.. really.

Medicine & Mom always there for me and helps me feel better.

Nature & Naps

Orange, the color.

Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins.

Quilts... love em! Making one is on the agenda

Real people

Shel Silverstein (my favorite poet), School & the Simple things.

Television... really bad television.

Unicorns, unicycles, umbrellas.

Vehicle, I love my Kia.

Wine a nice glass of red every now and again. Work as well I love my job and the ladies I work with. (PS. I miss you!)

X chromosome, I love being a girl.

Youthful, have a youthful state of mind.

Zesty life.

Hope all is well in your world!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!
I hope everyone is catching on the living green fad. B and I try to do our best to reduce, reuse & recycle. Sometimes the reusing part drives B crazy b/c I keep EVERYTHING. I try to turn almost anything into something crafty and beautiful.
Here is a small list of things we do to be green.
~Find out if your town recycles and do it!
~Buy reusable bags at the grocery store. Bonus: most stores will give you a small discount per bag.
~Buy energy saving appliances.
~Buy energy saving light bulbs.
~Out a small jug in the john... you don't need all that water to flush.
~Turn off the lights when you are not in the room... simple enough!
~Buy a thermometer; agree not to put on the heat or ac if it goes above or below a certain temp.
~Use a drying rack... if you have a house set up a drying line outside (clothes are best if they smell like they were kissed
~Use biodegradable soaps & cleaners
~Lay off the aqua net and other aerosol sprays.
~Don't let the shower run while your not in there... turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
~Save your scraps. Food = Compost. Old clothes and fabric scraps = meaningful quilts. Plastic bags = lunch bags
~Donate old clothes & household things to goodwill or local shelters
~Clean out old soup, coffee and other tin cans. Personalize them and use them as a cookie cutter, pen holder, planter or store all kinds of things. Don't forget yogurt containers those are great too!
~ Avoid aluminum foil and use glass or plastic containers
~ Get your pets in on the act too! ... and reuse those plastic bags to scoop their poop ;)
~Got weeds? Pesticide no no... use vinegar.
~Unplug!!!! When you are not charging. This wastes so much electricity.
~Use rechargeable batteries
~Plant a (native to your area) tree for important events. Every time you see it, it will remind you of a wonderful memory.

There are many more things you can do to be green! Here is some nifty website with great ideas!
Find a double use for all sorts of items on

Oooo check out Kaboose lots of neat ideas.

Visit for daily tips on how to be green. Got to love Martha!

Think going green is too much? Try one thing a day

Want some more tips...

When B and I get a house we are planning on making it as green as can be. While it may cost a bit up front it will pay for itself in the long run.

Love our Earth... its the only one we have!!!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Black & Whites in the Backroom
Hi all!
Last weekend I was feeling artsy and took these of Coops & Lu!
Hope you like them!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy. Busy. Busy.

I have been everything but keeping my blog updated!
Things I have done since I last blogged...

Celebrated Valentines Day.

Went on amazing vacation with our best friends.
Cruised to:::
San Juan PR, walked around got the most amazing Pina Colada
St. Thomas VI, snorkeled coming face to face with wild sea turtle...Amazing!
St. Martin, French side: Road horse in tropical water Dutch side: Shopped and shopped!
(Need to share amazing Pic's of the trip.)

Got job after work tutoring Mon-Fri. Fun to work with older grades.. by older I mean 2nd & 3rd grade. Creating lesson plans and entering data!

Celebrated St. Patty's Day. Went to Milly's with B.

Worked on Simply Lula business... all the ins and outs & perfecting the product efficiently.

Fun couples night with my girls from work.

Trying to find time to read every night.

Researching school options! I AM GOING TO FINISH IF IT KILLS ME!

On top of that I have been trying to be super wife. Cleaning house, cooking diner, baking and chores.

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Grammy Turns 80 years young!

It was a wonderfully warm day today here in the North East. I am crossing my fingers that spring is around the corner. I am done with snow for the year. According to the groundhog there will be six more weeks of winter, but who trusts a rodent with the weather...honestly.

We also had very nice day with my family for my Grammy's 80th birthday. I made a keeper for her to keep her keys on. She also received some really beautiful gifts including a whistle & many scarfs (Grammy will never experience a chilly neck again!) Here are some pictures!


B & I

Most of the Cousins & Babies

If I can say anything about my family its that there is never a dull moment. It has always been that way. My Grammy is the proud mother of 8, Grandmother of 13 (including me) and Great grandmother to 6. When you add spouses & significant others into the mix you can only imagine how many people there are at our gatherings! Between the story telling & catching up, babies running around and eating its a good time. My family is the best and might I say extremely good looking (but I may be a bit bias!) It was a good day and I cherish all my time I spend with them.

I hope you enjoy your families just as much!


Almost forgot!!! I made punch that got good reviews from the fam. Here is the recipe:

Sparkling Raspberry Punch

2 (10 oz.) pkg. thawed frozen rasperries
1/2 cup sugar
1 Bottle blush wine
2 cans frozen Cranberry Raspberry juice
2 (750 milliliter) champagne (I used 1 bottle champagne and half bottle ginger ale)

Combine raspberries, sugar and blush wine. Cover and let stand for about an hour. Combine 2 cans frozen juice (thawed), champagne and or ginger ale. Just before you serve combine 2 mixtures. Vvvwwwallaaa! Enjoy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hello Hello!
Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year! I am for sure :) I've been keeping my resolutions! I vowed to go back to the gym on a regular basis, eat better, take more time for me and be more productive. Its great that once I get one going the rest seem to shimmy there was into place. I already feel healthier, positive and more energetic.
As for the Business...Simply Lula... it has been slow going. I've been receiving packages in the mail with my supplies... which is exciting! I love getting mail(even if I did order it myself.) I did have a major set back with some bad hardware. If that is the worst that can happen I think I'll be set. My mom has been a big help as well. I am having a hard time relinquishing some of the work to her. I know she will do a great job and maybe even more of a crafting perfectionist than I however I feel the need to do everything! I am sure some of my crafty girls can understand.
I am getting exciting about having the opportunity to turn what I love to do into a 2nd career! I went to a local restaurant/shop to see if they would be willing to sell my product at there establishment. They loved them and said that I could have window space if I wanted!!! I still haven't decided if I will sell them there because obviously they want a percentage of the profits. It is always nice to have that option!
B and I are getting super excited for our cruise! I have a count down going... only 5 more weeks and we'll be sailing away. Our best friends M & J are joining us! They have never cruised before; they are in for a treat! Today I am planning on whipping up some summer dresses and a wide brim hat while it snows. Until then I am dreaming of this...


Friday, January 02, 2009

Hi everyone!
Its been a while... ok a long while but I've been busy! My Birthday, Christmas then New Years! All memorable and wonderful. I made a lots of Christmas presents which was a little stressful but easier on the pocket book. Which was a good thing because B & I book a cruise with our best friends for February Vacation! I can not wait to escape the cold for a warmer climate! This time around we will be cruise to the eastern Caribbean. Specifically San Juan, St. Thomas and St. Marteen! Oh just give me a fruity drink now!!!

I also have some very exciting news! I am going to be starting a small business! I had made my Mom a Dachshund "Keeper" (thats the name of my product.) What it is, is a very nifty key chain that you can hang around your wrist. A few days after Christmas my mom was at a Hallmark buy her friend a birthday present. She was checking out when the woman behind the counter asked where she got such a cute key chain. Mom explained to her that I made is for her as a present. The woman asked for my phone number because she wanted to sell them in the store!!! :o !!! Who would have thought! After my brother & mom talked me into it I finally said I would give the small business thing a try. Now I am getting more and more excited about this venture! I am going to start small and see where is goes!
I'll let you know more when I do!