Monday, November 03, 2008

Let me introduce you to the gang....

This is B! He's my wonderfully handsome man. He keeps me smiling and has the best laugh I've ever heard! B is into computers for the most part, plays guitar, is a Mr.Fix-it, video gamer, hiker and is a total outdoors man. My favorite thing about B is he can always make me laugh.

This is my little man Cooper. He is a momma's boy and follows me where ever I go. We adopted him from Petfinder about two and a half years ago. Cooper's favorite things are hiking playing with Lucy (below), cuddling, looking out the window at squirrels, bones and his stuffed little bear Rupert. Coops actually smiles at people when is excited to see them. I have not been able to capture this on camera however, as soon as I do I will post a picture. If I could safely clone him I would!

This is our little lady Lucy. She is a sweet daddies girl. She can often be found sitting next to B. Like Cooper we also adopted Lucy from Petfinder about two years ago. When I first saw Lucy I burst into tears because you could she just about every bone in her body. Poor Lucy was in a kill shelter before some kind people at a no kill animal shelter saved her. She is no longer a skinny mini but a beautiful healthy girl. Lucy enjoys attention, infact if you are not looking at her, talking about her or petting her she will make you notice her! She love being cuddled and loved.

That is my little family!

Take care,


Ps. Remeber to VOTE tomorrow!!!!

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