Saturday, October 24, 2009

A letter to Dad

Tonight is my Dad's 60th birthday dinner! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Since I really can not afford much of a birthday present I wrote my Dad a letter. Here is a copy:

Dear Dad,

I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. I will always remember our rides to Church in the little yellow car. You would pretend that we were in a race against other cars. David and I would laugh so hard when you did the sound effects and other guys voices. You always made even the most mundane thing so much fun. I'd like to think that I got that characteristic from you. Thank you for always stopping whatever work you were doing to send me "Straight to the moon" on our tire swing in the back yard. I'd like to thank you for reading to me every night before bed. I think I made you read the same two stories every night, but you never complained or tell me to pick anything differently. Thank you for answering all my tooth fairy letters. Thanks for teaching me about baseball, football, hockey and basketball. Thank for showing me how to hit a baseball & ride a bike so I could keep up with the neighborhood boys. Thanks for coming to my games when you could. Thanks for letting me fall when I wanted to do it all by myself and then making me feel better when I scraped my knees. I have so many fond memories of being small and you being my Daddy.
I want to apologize for being a teenager. I guess I really missed you when you had to work nights to keep the paychecks coming in. I didn't realize the sacrifices you had to make to keep us all happy and healthy. I do realize that and now. I can tell you how much I appreciate your work ethic. I know how important we were to you to sacrifice the time with us in hope to support the family.
Thank you for helping me move away to college and reminding me to, "Be a good you." I finally figured out what that meant when I was on my own. Thanks for always asking me if I approved of your outfit so you wouldn't embarrass me and always changing. Thank you for driving down to Regis to attend the daddy daughter dance. You cleaned up well. It meant a lot to me to spend a night with my Dad. A lot of people don't have dads that would give up a Saturday night and put on a tux to attend a dance. Thanks for confirming that certain guys jerks. You told me and that the right one was out there, "I just shouldn't worry about it, I had all the time in the world." Thanks for helping me becoming more of an adult. You were always there during my most difficult times and continually being supportive. You never told me what to do, you just help me guide my decisions to do what I ultimately wanted to do.
Thank you for still letting me hold your pinky & ring finger, like I did when I was little. Thanks for everything. I'll always be your daughter.

The gifts that you have given me I can never repay you for but I hope I can make you proud of the person I have become. I am the way I am because of you and I thank you for that. Love you Dad! Happy Birthday! Code 3.
Love your daughter,

I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

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veyx4 said...

Lauren - You can make me proud by being a good mom to your children.
Love Dad Be a good you - Code 3