Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hello Hello!
Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year! I am for sure :) I've been keeping my resolutions! I vowed to go back to the gym on a regular basis, eat better, take more time for me and be more productive. Its great that once I get one going the rest seem to shimmy there was into place. I already feel healthier, positive and more energetic.
As for the Business...Simply Lula... it has been slow going. I've been receiving packages in the mail with my supplies... which is exciting! I love getting mail(even if I did order it myself.) I did have a major set back with some bad hardware. If that is the worst that can happen I think I'll be set. My mom has been a big help as well. I am having a hard time relinquishing some of the work to her. I know she will do a great job and maybe even more of a crafting perfectionist than I however I feel the need to do everything! I am sure some of my crafty girls can understand.
I am getting exciting about having the opportunity to turn what I love to do into a 2nd career! I went to a local restaurant/shop to see if they would be willing to sell my product at there establishment. They loved them and said that I could have window space if I wanted!!! I still haven't decided if I will sell them there because obviously they want a percentage of the profits. It is always nice to have that option!
B and I are getting super excited for our cruise! I have a count down going... only 5 more weeks and we'll be sailing away. Our best friends M & J are joining us! They have never cruised before; they are in for a treat! Today I am planning on whipping up some summer dresses and a wide brim hat while it snows. Until then I am dreaming of this...


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